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Welcome to FMG

About our Organization

  • FMG was established in 2009 in an effort to collaborate with health and fitness enthusiasts, personal training coaches, and business owners to identify new and efficient methods to enhance the customer experience and expedite results.

  • We have worked with over 100,000 clients and over 100 business owners and continue to grow!

  • Whether online, on-site, or on-the-go, we move with you!

Online Coaching

Sweat Like You Are at the Gym...but in Your Sweatpants from Home

NoExcuse Workouts

That's right! Get the job done in as little as 15 minutes! We all have 15 minutes...and if you don't, just wake up 15 minutes earlier!

Professional Programs

We custom-design workouts for your Somatotype and any contraindications. Don't know what these are? Meet with us for a free consultation and gain the knowledge you need to see lasting results!

Moneyback Guarantee

We are so confident in our programs, we guarantee results, or your money back!

OnSite Coaching

Designed for facility owners that need the experience of a group that has the service touch....Get your team today!

Personal Training

We offer a variety of professional training coaches and programs for your facility. From one-on-one personal training to group classes; we hire, develop and coach the entire team as they assimilate to your business model and customer needs.

Staffing and Recruiting

Our program is simple. When we partner with you, you'll gain immediate access to our fully prepped, customer centric team, briefed and ready to get started in your facility.

Client Results and Retention

Our clients tend to stay with us—we think clients at your facility will stay with you, too! The FMG model has proven highly successful for our clients and teams. We've heard this excitement and momentum is very well-received—perhaps one reason that clients and teams stay with our program over 100% longer than the industry average (as cited by IHRSA).

On-the-Go Coaching

We are where you are. When you need us, we drive to you!

Don't Have a Gym? We Bring it to You!

It can be tough always having what you need when you need it. This is why our team stays on their toes to get to you when you need us! Book now and we will come to you.

No Space for Equipment?

This is our "bread and butter." We love fitness and we love fitness equipment, which is why we carry this stuff around like it is our toolbox! If we don't have the equipment for you, be certain of our ingenuity and resourcefulness and we will make a program that is just as effective!

No Time? No worries, we will be there soon—we are On-the-Go!

We hear all kinds of excuses, which is why our team breaks through them before they can become an excuse. We give you nearly every option under the sun to eliminate old, habit-formed excuses so you can finally get the lasting results you have been waiting for!

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