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FMG is a Heartland (Midwest) – born health and fitness purveyor on a mission to provide a fitness career for passionate enthusiasts while helping people around the world realize their healthy lifestyle potential, making it fun, affordable, and ultra-convenient; moving with you when and where you need us.

At FMG we believe solutions come in the way of identifying the root problem, and we are problem solvers. Science before science-fiction, truth before trend, function over fad – FMG focuses on applying proven and tested knowledge from some of the most notable health and fitness professionals, scientists, and doctors across the Globe. Rest assured, if we don’t have the solution, we will do the research to gain the knowledge needed for the intended application.

Prior to identifying a need for our business and its solutions; not so long ago I was living in a single wide trailer struggling to put food on the table for my family. I was working long hours and three jobs. The job I loved was working with personal training clients, seeing each person evolve into a better version of themselves over time. I knew I had a process that worked and could be repeated; using the scientific method to validate each client’s success, I sought to work with other fitness professionals to replicate and scale my process into a business.

Fast forward, and now blessed to be working alongside my brother and business partner, I am realizing my potential, vision, and passion, much like many of our over one-hundred thousand clients we have been honored to work with.

Today we have clients becoming fitness professionals and fitness professionals becoming business owners, coaching new trainers and seeing through the vision of helping as many people as we can using proper, tried and tested, science-backed fitness and nutrition.

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