Alena Murgatroyd

Personal trainer

New York City, New York, USA

I was born and raised in Southern California and ventured out to Florida for school and softball. I graduated from the University of Central Florida. Now that I have lived and experienced both the West & East Coast, I am happy to call Texas my home. My passion is helping others enhance their quality of life through exercise, nutrition, behavior and community! Being innovative when coaching and designing programs is my secret sauce. I consider myself a problem solver and I am up for the challenge. I believe that our lifestyle regimen and choices should complement our individuality. There is no “cookie cutter” approach. It’s simply blooming where you are planted and adjusting with each season of life. You are Always evolving, and there is nothing I love more than supporting and encouraging that growth through exercise, nutrition and behavioral coaching.


  • University of Central Florida | B.S. Sport & Exercise Science, Specialization: Strength & Conditioning/Human Performance
  • Antelope Valley College | A.S. Social & Behavioral Science, Specialization: Behavioral Management
  • All American, Scholar-Collegiate Athlete
  • Recognized as Athlete of the Year by the USMC
  • First Aid/CPR Certified

Specialty Training Areas

  • Special Populations
  • Prevention & Rehabilitation
  • Athletics – Sport Specific – Human Performance
  • Weight Management & Lifestyle
  • Functional Training

Other Information

  • Inspiration: Faith, Family and Community
  • Spirit Animal:Dolphin
  • Dream Destination: Tahiti
  • Favorite Hobby: Softball, Hiking and Hanging with my Fur Babies
  • Favorite Quote(s): One Day or Day One? You Decide. | Be The Sunshine

Amy Erwin

Personal trainer

New York City, New York, USA

Amy has been in the fitness industry since 2007 as a personal trainer and fitness educator. She has helped numerous people change their lives through fitness. Her goal is to have the most positive impact on the lives of the people she works with: helping them become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves.

Anthony Moore

Personal trainer

New York City, New York, USA

I find my inspiration in the people who need the most help and don't believe their goals are reachable. I inspire to be that person that can get them over that wall and blazing forward toward their goals.

My Inspiration:

I find my inspiration in the people who need the most help and don't believe their goals are reachable. I inspire to be that person that can get them over that wall and blazing forward toward their goals.

Spirit Animal:

My spirit animal is a Cat. Fierce at times, Sweet at times. The main reason for this is because no matter what happens, I always land on my feet.

Dream Destination:

Puerto Rico


Video Games and Slow Pitch Softball


Personal trainer

New York City, New York, USA

I began my training career after playing football for Rice University where I studied Kinesiology.

Upon leaving college I decided to focus on coaching and teaching, specializing in sports and athletic training, and began as a strength and conditioning coach.

Later I opened a private training studio and developed a unique conditioning and training program for advanced athletes.

I am NASM certified in personal training and have a background in nutrition and weight loss.

Over the past 12 years I’ve trained a wide range of clients with great success and hope to continue that success with FMG.

The most asked question is how can I lose my belly fat.

German Chocolate Cake


Chadrick Wilson

Personal trainer

New York City, New York, USA

Get to know me

Hey there, my name is Cam. I grew up in the oil field country of West Texas, and I have been rather fortunate in my fitness journey.

I played a few sports throughout my junior high and high school years, but at that time I was certainly more strength and power than athleticism!

The high school powerlifting coach invited me to train with their powerlifting team while I was in 8th grade.

This experience not only taught me a ton about pushing myself, but also introduced me to the world of “no one cares about form”.

When I was 16 I got a job at a YMCA in my hometown, just cleaning the gym, washing the sweat rags, interacting with members, but through that position I met 4 men, ages ranging from 22-36, who were personal training through the gym and took a liking to me.

They let me join their workouts, which happened about 3-5 times a day, and involved essentially a mixture of bodybuilding and “CrossFit” style high intensity training.

I learned a great deal of knowledge, but more importantly was introduced to what it feels like to truly push myself and come out on top for the first time.

Shortly after that I met a man named Terrence, who was 38 and played arena football. Every Sunday, we would meet up and do a series of different runs, workouts, tire flips, and challenges together for about 5 hours.

As I approached my senior year, I made the decision to commit to the Marine corps, and I left for boot camp a week after my graduation. Through that experience I learned invaluable knowledge of what the mind and body can withstand and is capable of, through myself and the men around me.

. I also never lost my desire and drive for fitness, planning from the beginning to do my time, and get out to be a high school coach. After my first few years I was fortunate to be in a position where I could use any free time to knock out courses and certifications.

Before my 5-year term was up, I had the following courses completed along with a multitude of personal research and practice with programming on myself and fellow Marines.

  • International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA): Certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Exercise Therapy, “Strength, Quickness, and Speed”, Fiscal Fitness, and Group Fitness
  • National Association of Fitness Certification (NAFC): Certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Lifestyle Consultant/Nutrition, Weight Training
  • Level 1 and Level 2 High Intensity Tactical Trainer (HITT): The Marine Corps version of CrossFit, 2 courses that incorporated combat training with interval training and weights. The completion of these courses allowed me to take the position of running the PT (Physical Training) for my unit, involving multiple events where I ran a group training event with hundreds of personnel.
  • TRX training course, and Kettlebell Training Course as follow on credits
  • Understanding Nutrition college course at Central Texas
  • Towards the end of my time, I dove very heavily into powerlifting, studying the methods of Westside Barbell’s Louie Simmons thoroughly among others. This knowledge led me into my first powerlifting meet (of 3) in which I placed first and met the owner of a gym called California Elite Training Center. She invited me to join her training and powerlifting group called the DCS pack, through which I was also fortunate to meet and train with incredibly strong people, who have competed and grown in the powerlifting world for years. I did two more competitions during that training, placing 1st and 4th.
  • After I got out of the military in 2017, I found the Anytime Fitness in Kyle, Texas and met a valuable group of friends that pushed me to take my knowledge of training and the body, and my experiences with the strength of the mind and utilize them to become a personal trainer, and I have been with FMG ever since.
  • I have met a very eclectic group of people with this role, and I wouldn’t change it for the world because I have seen strength in this line of work that even my toughest brothers would be proud of.


- I am inspired by the almost limitless potential of the human body and mind. I get the same feeling watching a client push themselves a little farther than they ever have before as I do when I watch a strongman break a world deadlift record. I am inspired by those such as David Goggins and Wim Hof, who have pushed their minds to new heights to bring their bodies to new levels. I am inspired by those who experience trauma, physical or mental, and choose to make themselves better rather than diving into drugs and alcohol. I am inspired by people who do not quit.

Spirit animal

A rescued Pitbull Terrier

Dream Destination

Greece and Rome

Favorite Hobby

Playing around on my guitar

Dylan Swinney

Personal trainer

New York City, New York, USA

Favorite Snack - protein blueberry muffins *Favorite Cheat Meal - Poptarts *Dream Destination - Australia *Spirit Animal - Honey Badger *Inspo - I got into lifting in highschool playing football and baseball and fell in love with being able to transform your body. I enjoy helping transform my clients lives and getting them excited about making changes for themselves and achieving their goals. *Hobby - lifting and binge watching the office for the 100th time and semi pro football *Most Asked Question

- How do I achieve muscle growth without gaining a ton of weight?


Personal trainer

New York City, New York, USA

I am ultra passionate about helping people change their lives in the most rudimentary and fundamental ways possible. Everyone deserves the right to good health and to be happy with themselves, both intrinsically and extrinsically.

Getting fit and healthy is only as difficult as you make it; it starts with the correct information, the correct mindset, and a straightforward, simple formula that can be provided by myself or our team!

Know that you aren’t alone. The first step is just taking action!

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Education: Missouri Southern State University

Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

Grant Dunn

Personal trainer

New York City, New York, USA

Grant is a senior at Texas State University studying Exercise and Sports Science with a minor in business administration.

He has been training with FMG for just over 6 months and over a year overall, having experience working with collegiate athletes at Texas State University.

Along with working out, he enjoys doing yoga and playing golf in his spare time! Grant has a true passion for living a healthy lifestyle, and can’t wait to share his passion and knowledge with you to make you an even better person!

Joshua Fiklin

Personal trainer

New York City, New York, USA

I love being a trainer because I am able to Inspire other to work hard on their health and to get better everyday.

Seeing other people succeed and push themselves is why I enjoy the fitness industry so much.

My future goals are to be a gym owner and a collegiate football/strengthens coach.

I like to serve my clients by seeing them make tremendous stride in their efforts to attain their fitness goals and feeling better about themselves.

Like to workout and do adventurous activities

The most asked question is, what should I do outside of training together and my diet routine.

Cheat snack- peanut butter

(Catherine eddleton 1250 Sadler dr, San Marcos TX, 78666) this is my girlfriend address, currently living with her

Shirt size, 2XL